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The freediving lanyard improves the athlete's safety during training sessions and deep freediving competitions. It secures the athlete to the training line, allowing safety staff or training teammates prompt assistance if needed. It also avoids the risk of the freediver to pass the target depth.
The cable is made out of a robust braided steel wire coated with a high visibility yellow polyurethane. The part that connects the lanyard to the line is a generously sized stainless steel carabiner. The lanyard is fixed to the wrist through a soft bracelet with a tear-off strap. On the wrist band, there is a stainless steel D-ring that can be used to hook the carabiner when the lanyard is not tied to the line. This lanyard is also equipped with a specific swivel to prevent binding of the wire.
The steel wire is 100 cm/ 39” long. The carabiner can be hooked to lines of a maximum diameter of 20 mm / ¾.

Freediving Lanyard UP-AC1



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