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High quality Stainless steel shafts available in standard barb.

Features and Benefits
  • Stainless steel
  • 6.5mm diameter
  • Codes
    Stainless Steel Shafts (7.4 cm Barb)
      7.4 cm Barb
    6.5mm x 75cm SH113111
    6.5mm x 90cm SH113112
    6.5mm x 115cm SH113113
    6.5mm x 130 cm SH113114
    6.5mm x 135cm SH113115
    6.5mm x 140cm SH113116
    6.5mm x 150cm SH113117
    6.5mm x 160cm SH113118
    6.5mm x 170cm SH113119
    6.5mm x 180cm SH113121
    Stainless Steel Shafts (7 mm Threaded)
      7 mm Threaded
    6.5mm x 59.5cm SH114112
    6.5mm x 65cm SH114115
    6.5mm x 69.5cm SH114114
    6.5mm x 73cm SH114116
    6.5mm x 88cm SH114117
    6.5mm x 89.5cm SH114111
    6.5mm x 105cm SH114118
    6.5mm x 115cm SH114119
    6.5mm x 125cm SH114121
    6.5mm x 135cm SH114122


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