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The Invictus HF speargun is characterized by an aggressive design that evokes its spirit. The handle is ergonomic and angled to allow a firm grip during maneuvering and firing. All Stainless Steel trigger, sear, and housing. The unique extended sear reduces the load on the trigger allowing an amazingly easy and smooth trigger pull even with heavy band load.
The hydroformed barrel makes the speargun extremely rigid while providing greater overall mass in a streamlined shape. The central part of the barrel is wider and serves as a hydraulic brake during the firing, absorbing part of the recoil. The generous internal volume of the barrel allows the speargun to be equipped with a heavier shaft without compromising its maneuverability or buoyancy. The camouflage is photographic 3D.
The three band muzzle can accommodate up to 1 ea. 18mm, 1 ea. 16mm, and 1 ea. 14mm bands for maximum power and range. This speargun features Omer Performer 2 bands with Dyneema wishbones.
Features & Benefits
  • Hydroformed Cuttlefish barrel shape
  • Unique muzzle design allows for bands to align rather than overlap
  • Camo 3D heat transfer finish
  • Stainless steel trigger mechanism and housing
  • America shaft with 3 laser welded shark tabs specifically designed for use with Dyneema wishbones
  • Can accomodate a shaft up to 7.5mm
  • 75, 90, and 100 cm equipped with 2 x 14mm bands and 6.5mm America shaft
  • 110 and 130cm gun equipped with 3 x 14mm bands 6,75mm America shaft

Invictus HF camouflage speargun
75 CM VR152112
90 CM VR152114
100 CM VR152116
110 CM VR152118
130 CM VR152121
ARBALETE - comparison table
ET Roller ET Black Special Edition HF Camu 3D G.I. Sport Kanaloa
Stainless Steel trigger mechanism
Hydroforming aluminium barrel    
Extruded Alumininum barrel cuttle-bone shaped
Extruded Aluminium barrel cylindrical shape        
Carbon fiber barrel              
Integrated shaft guide barrel    
Enclosed Track shaft guide barrel
Open muzzle fo rcircular rubber bands 14/16 mm 18 mm 14/16/18 mm 18 mm     18 mm
Muzzle for standard rubber bands         18 mm 16 mm  
Reel provided with series     Match 50        
America shaft with shark fins 7 mm 6,5 - 7 mm 6,5 mm       6,5 - 7 mm
Tahitiana stainless steel shaft with notches       6,5 mm 6,5 mm   6,5 mm
PR80 thaitiana shaft with notches           6,5 mm  
S.S. threaded shaft with 4 prongs harpoon              
Ergonomic right and left handle
Dyneema® wishbone
ONE wishbone              
Articulated wishbone - french model      
Basic wishbone          


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