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Cayman Sport
The Cayman Sport is a classic rear handle speargun made with a 28mm extruded aluminium barrel. It features Tahitian 6.5mm shaft, simple wishbone and 16.5mm top energy rubber bands.
  • Extruded aluminum barrel
  • Tahitian 6.5mm shaft
  • 16.5mm top energy threaded rubber bands

  • Specs
  • Anodized aluminum barrel
  • 16mm top energy band
  • Standard wishbones
  • 6.5mm Tahitian shaft
    Cayman Sport
    50 VR134111
    60 VR134112
    75 VR134113
    90 VR134114
    100 VR134115
    ARBALETE - comparison table
    ET Roller ET Black Special Edition HF Camu 3D G.I. Sport Kanaloa
    Stainless Steel trigger mechanism
    Hydroforming aluminium barrel    
    Extruded Alumininum barrel cuttle-bone shaped
    Extruded Aluminium barrel cylindrical shape        
    Carbon fiber barrel              
    Integrated shaft guide barrel    
    Enclosed Track shaft guide barrel
    Open muzzle fo rcircular rubber bands 14/16 mm 18 mm 14/16/18 mm 18 mm     18 mm
    Muzzle for standard rubber bands         18 mm 16 mm  
    Reel provided with series     Match 50        
    America shaft with shark fins 7 mm 6,5 - 7 mm 6,5 mm       6,5 - 7 mm
    Tahitiana stainless steel shaft with notches       6,5 mm 6,5 mm   6,5 mm
    PR80 thaitiana shaft with notches           6,5 mm  
    S.S. threaded shaft with 4 prongs harpoon              
    Ergonomic right and left handle
    Dyneema® wishbone
    ONE wishbone              
    Articulated wishbone - french model      
    Basic wishbone          


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