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Cayman E.T. Roller
The Cayman ET Roller features many innovations that make it a unique speargun in the world of Roller-type spearguns. The barrel, with a cuttlefish profile, is equipped with two enclosed track rails. The top rail guides shafts equipped with sharkfins (you can use shafts from 6.5mm to 7mm) to avoid any possibility of the so-called “shaft whip”. Equipped with 14mm Performer band with Dyneema wishbone and 7mm America Shaft.
  • Stainless Steel trigger mechanism
  • Enclosed track rail
  • Cuttlefish profile
  • 14mm Performer Band
  • Dyneema wishbones
  • Optional 2nd band for added power
  • Lower rail guide features 3 fins which can be adjusted for versatility
  • 2 pulley system with “anti-sand” cage
  • Stainless steel guide for shooting line
  • Cayman handle
  • 7mm America shaft
  • Specs

    75cm, 90cm, 95cm, 105cm, 115cm
    7mm America shaft

    Stainless steel line guiding system, allowing the use of 16 mm tying bands with wishbones spheres.
    Cayman ET Roller
    75 VR128113
    85 VR128114
    95 VR128115
    105 VR128111
    115 VR128112
    ROLLER MUZZLE for 16mm BAND VR135111
    ARBALETE - comparison table
    ET Roller ET Black Special Edition HF Camu 3D G.I. Sport Kanaloa
    Stainless Steel trigger mechanism
    Hydroforming aluminium barrel    
    Extruded Alumininum barrel cuttle-bone shaped
    Extruded Aluminium barrel cylindrical shape        
    Carbon fiber barrel              
    Integrated shaft guide barrel    
    Enclosed Track shaft guide barrel
    Open muzzle fo rcircular rubber bands 14/16 mm 18 mm 14/16/18 mm 18 mm     18 mm
    Muzzle for standard rubber bands         18 mm 16 mm  
    Reel provided with series     Match 50        
    America shaft with shark fins 7 mm 6,5 - 7 mm 6,5 mm       6,5 - 7 mm
    Tahitiana stainless steel shaft with notches       6,5 mm 6,5 mm   6,5 mm
    PR80 thaitiana shaft with notches           6,5 mm  
    S.S. threaded shaft with 4 prongs harpoon              
    Ergonomic right and left handle
    Dyneema® wishbone
    ONE wishbone              
    Articulated wishbone - french model      
    Basic wishbone          


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